Our Innovations

We are relentless, Bypasslines has help transform businesses transactions, connections, technology and engagement with their customers.

Our ideas begin

Innovation is our Culture

Unique Partnerships

Connecting with organizations, small businesses and large corporations allows us to share ideas and creativity across industries. We are here to improve customer engagement.

Creative Technology

We meet all of our partners where they are, but always look to improve and further enhance their technology to ensure premium engagement with their customers.

Beyond Expectations

Customers love convenience and expect for businesses to meet those expectations seamlessly. We go beyond and exceed those expectations and ensure their experiences are life changing.

Future Innovations

Technology is everchanging and we stay flexible to meet that change. Our innovations are cutting edge and our products continue to evolve to ensure our partners are growing and their ventures are profitable.


What happens when the world stops Turning?

As unprecedented as that sounds, this is what happened in 2020. Covid-19 disrupted every aspect of our society and we have to be creative to survive. We quickly implemented our innovations and uniquely positioned ourself along side of our partners to ensure they not only survived buy thrive. We saw an almost 87% revenue increase with many of our partners during the pandemic and this was only the beginning. We found other tools to increase engagement and provided technology in places never considered before. We will be there no matter the change or situation – We Got You!


Complex becomes simple which means more profits!

Network Cards

We are partnering with colleges and universities beginning with HBCU’s and creating a community connection between students and merchants

Live Ordering

Live ordering has become the next innovation that has change how customers are shopping with retailers and restaurants. Our vision-based technology will create incredible engagement between merchants and customers; as well as the new and upcoming entrepreneurs. .

Custom Mobile Apps

Keeping your customers engage is hard and keeping their loyalty is even harder. A customized mobile app ensures those loyalties stay with your brand and not a third party app.

QR Codes are Changing the World

QR codes are now becoming the go to tool from social media, rewards, payments, tracking and ordering at your convenience. We are dynamically designing new innovations to create a touchless and QR codes are at the forefront..

We are just getting Started

Technology is our future and your customers need to be ready for it. Let’s connect and reinvent the future for your business and for your growth.